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Colorado shooting - Proof of actors as witnesses. Reason for this false flag

Austin Millbarge

User ID: 16166048
United States
07/27/2012 07:25 AM
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Re: Colorado shooting - Proof of actors as witnesses. Reason for this false flag
A few questions from just a simple-minded fellow...

1) If Holmes dyed his hair bright orange-red, don't you think the witness who said he saw someone sit down near him in the front row on the right (later to take a cell call and head toward emergency exit) would have made a mental note of this and mentioned it? Don't you think someone else in that fully-packed theater would have recalled seeing a fellow with unusually bright orange-red hair enter to see the movie? Where are all the eye-witness survivors who remember seeing a guy with bright orange hair who bought a ticket and walked-in before the movie started? Where are their descriptions of his clothing, appearance, manner, etc. Why haven't we heard from the people who sold him a ticket at the counter or took his ticket before letting him through the rope into the theater? Don't you think we would like to hear from them to know what his state of mind was? Did he have a wild look in his eyes, etc.?

2) If it was Holmes who was sitting in the front row (all the way to the right) and who took the cell call, one would assume that the police would track down who it was that called him from cell phone records?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8305924

Way to use simple REASONING SKILLS.

the theater , for what hours? You know how these OPENING NIGHT theater lines are...full of excited people lining up
WAY BEFORE the movie. Myself, I've waited in lines like
that before a movie like this. It's kinda cool talking to people in line and talking about the movie.

If Ronald McDonald waited for hours in line for a movie with you, wouldn't you notice?

2.) FREAKING BRIGHT ORANGE HAIR GUY - Never seen by ANYONE in the theater, ESPECIALLY CORBIN DAYTON aka CORBIN DATES aka CORBIN KENT and ALL of the others ALL PACKED into the END of the SECOND row. ALL of the testimonies of those seeing "A GUY" taking a cell phone call, and "A GUY" screwing with the "Emergency Exit Door", they NEVER EVER mention anything UNUSUAL, like FREAKING BRIGHT ORANGE HAIR.

If Ronald McDonald sat 5 feet away from you, wouldn't you notice?

3.) Since when have the authorities NOT TAKEN LIBERTIES with private cell phone records to PLACE PEOPLE AT THE SCENE OF A CRIME? Sadly, This has become DE FACTO practice for Police Investigations. This LAZY Police State Tactic IS NOT BEING USED in this case... and YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY. A Phone Record Examination of James Holmes cell phone records will indicate his phone WAS NOT used in the "person taking a cell phone" ruse played out in the MSM and backed up by "witness Testimony."


Since the LAZY Police State Tactic of Grabbing Phone Records
up at the tip of a hat is NOT BEING USED or even discussed in the MSM, than this is the smoking gun that James Holmes
cell phone WAS NOT USED in the Aurora Century 16 Theater shooting.

And you know what is disgusting.

You don't even need a phone number, you can get ALL OF THE PHONE CALL INFORMATION from the phone company anyway. Cell phones need Cell Phone Towers to operate. Thanks to the POLICE STATE we now live in, ALL RECORDS OF PHONE CALL ARE KEPT. It would be easy to check the traffic of cell phone calls made at the tower that services the theater AT THE TIME the call was made and you will have the Phone and the REAL PERSON who took the phone call.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 20569884
United States
12/22/2012 09:41 AM
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Re: Colorado shooting - Proof of actors as witnesses. Reason for this false flag
You guys are on crack.
Growing upo, there were two girls who lived in other towns near me.
We were often mistaken for each other and even drove similar looking cars.

13 Billion people n the world, many of them are going to look eerily alike.