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Message Subject Hand Counted Paper Ballots Announced Out Loud and Video Taped in Every Precinct - Our Best Hope for the Future!
Poster Handle chris999
Post Content
Yep, voting in the Western Capitalist societies is a complete joke. It is only to make the people think that they have some kind of say so in the government.

80% of the time, both candidates are bought and paid for, so it isnt a big deal in those circumstances, but every now and then, an honest candidate like Ron Paul will come along, and they will have to rig the election some how.

Just look at the corrupt bullshit that the Romney campaign has done to the Republican primaries.

The Fox News Romney zombies will never believe me, but I went to hear Dr, Paul speak in December, and there were thousands of Paul supporters there, energized and ready to take him to the Whitehouse.

Interestingly enough, a buddy of mine just got back from seeing a Romney campaign stop a few weeks ago, and he said that there was literally more cops there on security duty than there was supporters that showed up. He also said that 90% of the people there were senior citizens.

Ron Paul clearly has more support from his base that Romney does. Most Romney supporters dont even like the guy, but the main stream media has fooled them into believeing that Romney is the only candidate that can beat Obama. Bullshit.

All Romney is is someone who is set up to LOSE to Obama, so that he can finish what he has started.

I'm telling you people. Ron Paul CAN beat Obama. Romney can not. Wake up!
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