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Message Subject Hand Counted Paper Ballots Announced Out Loud and Video Taped in Every Precinct - Our Best Hope for the Future!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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yea maybe a small goverment but this time have some backup plan if it gets to big or out of control it quickly gets its ass clipped.
 Quoting: 071676

I agree with you there. After the revolution, and we start electing new people for congress, we need to pass a law that if they try to pass unconstitutional legislation, everyone that votes 'yes' goes to prison, just like whoever tries to bring an unconstitutional bill up for vote.

Also, if budgets are not met, it comes out of THEIR pay first before being passed off to the people.

Also, whatever laws are passed (like healthcare) are to be experienced by them too. No special treatment.

And a big one... NO MORE LOBBYING! Each candidate will have the same small amount of money to use for campaign that is taken from taxes. Outside tampering from business or lobby groups is punishable by prison.

I can fully agree with this. Problem is the liberals will never accept it because they could never win any form of an election. They gays will scream foul, the unions will start busting heads again, and nothing will ever get done. The losers will sulk and cry and raise hell about how it is so unfair that they can not run things. I have never understood how a minority in this country thinks it has a right to rule over all.

consider this, labels are not good in that they discourage a thorough understanding of the issues. prisons are expensive to the taxpayer/citizen in more ways than one in that they stand as examples of the fear that the state instills in the people and also the failure of the society to cope. those who have no problem prescribing prison terms for others they disagree with lack insight and compassion. this is not to say that there exists individuals who are a danger to society and therefore need to be dealt with in some manner to protect society, only that care should be taken before throwing someone in prison or an injustice will occur.
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