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Message Subject Hand Counted Paper Ballots Announced Out Loud and Video Taped in Every Precinct - Our Best Hope for the Future!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
NO, shill!

The answer is not hand-counted ballots... it's ZERO ballots.

ZERO election.

Zero government.

If there were no government, the weak minded such as yourself would be cut off from the fucking people. Idiots like you that need a government to tell them what they can and cannot do are the ones holding the rest of us back.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18158912

Who's going to fill in the holes in the street, and keep people from robbing you?
 Quoting: SpaceCommand

People already fill the holes, and people are capable of protecting themselves. Well, not always, but they still cant protect everyone with a huge government, I mean the government cant protect people from life, what are they gonna keep me from dying whe OB care kicks in? cheeze, life is good and always has been and badness happens now and always has been occurring, just like goodness, deal with it.
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