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Guess what boys and girls?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 6121395
United States
07/22/2012 04:36 PM
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Guess what boys and girls?
Yours truly was summoned to appear in court for jury duty august 6th!

How does this work? What do they do?
Au Aeon

User ID: 11494403
United States
07/22/2012 05:16 PM
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Re: Guess what boys and girls?
What I experienced:

Check in, waitin a big room. Watched a short video on Jury Duty. Did some kind of second check in thing, had recess for an hour. Went back in, we gathered in court. Benches filled with prospective jury peoples.

Lawers did short presentations about the case, brief and nothing disclosing. Judge talked a bit. Then each person was called and asked a series of questions infront of everyone, mostly pertaining to the case (in this case, it was animal abuse, so they asked stuff like: have you ever abused an animal? how do you feel about abuse?") Both sides asked questions and eithe rasked them to go or stay. About half the prospective jury peoples were left by the time they both sides were confident in their selections. I didnt even get called on and we were dismissed, no more dutys for a year or something. Not going back though!
Good luck!

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