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Message Subject Illegal Front Yard Garden: Canadian Couple's Kitchen Garden Targeted By Authorities
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
sticky situation here...i am partly on the side of the homeowners. After all, we all know how important growing our own food can and should be for everyone. That said, I can also feel the neighbours ire when they have to drive by the row of perfectly manicured lawns everyday and have to see this garden jutting out. This is no rinky dinky subdivision. Look at those houses! These people pay a lot for their property taxes, they live in an upscale place, and they dont want someone ruining their property values. Everyone keeps saying how pretty the garden is, but in reality, it is functional, and ugly.
I love the thought of gardening, think kudos are inorder for these people, but the question is, why not use their back yard? Probably because they did not want an ugly vegetable garden ruining their evenings by the pool.
Fact is, when you live in some places you have to abide by their bylaws. Not sure how it works in the neighbourhood in question, but i know of people that lived in a suburb where they could not plant their own flowers in the spring. They were given flowers. So that every front yard upheld certain standards meant to benefit them all in property values.

Not to mention the fact that these people have vegetables growing right up to the edge of the street, and that cant be legal or wise. Think of pissing dogs, car exhaust, street sweepers. Much of their front yard they do not actually own at all, and I dont think their desire to go green should supercede laws we all know about.

So i will get flak from everyone about my views. Or not - i tend to be a thread killer anyway. Just wanted to add my two cents.
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