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Chow Chow/ Bull Mastiff Mix

User ID: 20345534
United States
07/23/2012 06:02 AM
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Chow Chow/ Bull Mastiff Mix
I have a Chow Chow/Bull Mastiff Mix and I was researching online to see what people say about the breed. The information I found was very misleading from people who have never even owned the breed and know nothing about them. Just judgments and really bad guesses on what the breed might be like.

So here's some information on an actual Chow Chow/ Bull Mastiff mix.

We've had the dog since he was 2 weeks old. He is 4 years old now.

Weight: 70-80 Pounds. Square Bull Mastiff appearance but not as wide.

Height: 20"-25" About the size of a Pit Bull. Slightly taller.

Hair: Golden Brown and Short but the hair around the neck and face grows long so he looks like a lion with a mane. Just like a Chow Chow and Bull Mastiff, he sheds a lot. Hair falls off and sticks to everything so we keep him outside.

Physical Traits: Strong Muscular Build.

Temperament/ Personality: He grew up around a family of 5 being the only dog so he was very well socialized. He is very even tempered. But is very protective. Will not let anyone into the yard unless we tell him it's okay. We have since gotten 3 more dogs and he is great with all of them. However, he does not like other dogs that pass in front of our house. He is very intelligent and was very easy to train and listens to all the basic commands and some like knocking on doors or recognizing people by their names. Even at 4 years old, he learns things quickly. He likes to romp and roughhouse and jump on people. He is a heavy dog so he can knock a grown man over. He is also a very sensitive dog. Once he almost knocked my mom over, felt bad, and doesn't jump on her anymore. I'm the only one he's allowed to jump on and he understands that. We don't have any kids but the children he has been around, he's great with them. Of course, this might be more because he has been properly socialized. He loves to play Tug of war but doesn't care too much for fetch. He is pretty independent and intelligent and knows how to tell you what he wants. However, he doesn't understand that he's a big dog and will force his way onto your lap for some loving.

Maintenance/ Needs: He needs grooming and I do take him for walks. Usually don't take him for walks on hot days. He does not like to be inside. He will come in, walk around, say his Hi's and Hello's and then run outside. Haven't had any medical problems with him yet. He does not like showers or water unless its to drink. He drinks a lot of water.

Additional Info: He is a very nice family dog. And never once has he show aggression towards a family member or someone we've introduced to him. He is also my favorite of all my dogs.

I hope that helps anyone who's looking for info on this mix. However, I would say, that there is no standard for a mutt and their appearance and personality could go either way. It seems mine inherited more of the Bull Mastiff personality than the Chow Chow. Lucky Me.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 54881833
United States
02/26/2014 03:25 AM
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Re: Chow Chow/ Bull Mastiff Mix
I had a female chow bullmastiff mix. Everything you said was exactly like her. Exactly. She lived to 12 years. I got to hang out with her for her whole life. Looking for another of the mix. Best dog ever. Best friend ever.