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How History was fabricated

Lucian Light
User ID: 20301539
07/23/2012 07:25 AM
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How History was fabricated
In the 1950s ,archeologists in Romania have discovered a round stone with the inscription

Decebalus Per Scorilo

which literally means

Decebalus On Scorilo

by removing the stone they found 2 skeletons in a round hole dug in the ground

So it was a tomb of Decebalus and Scorilo and the C-14 analysis revealed that the skeletons are about 2000 years old

The skeleton on top was missing his head and righ hand so when Ceausescu arrived at the site (in the deep mountains,no one lives there)

they explained to him

-This man Decebal ,was our great king of Dacia;the removal of his head and right hand signifies that his head and right arm were carried to Rome to be exposed in public as it was the habit at the times

-And who was Scorilo?

-His dragon...his father...his lover,maybe he was gay(how can this be said of our brave and valiant king?)....no! his uncle ,former king of Dacia ,because he was burried underneath Decebal

-And this country Dacia was a large one?

-The greeks speak about this country in their poems,the dacians were illiterate so we have no writings from them,it is said it stretched to the west until you reach Germany,Denmark and Sweden and to the south until you reach Ukraine

-My grandmother and my mother both told me that our country Romania is the richest and most beautifull country in the whole world! is that true?

-Yes,Great Leader! the dacians had mountains of gold,silver and diamonds

-And where is the gold now?

-Well...the romans took it when they conquered Dacia in 105-106 ,when the last carret was entering Rome the first one left Dacia

-We should ask those riches back..hmmmm


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