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Anybody else notice that Aurora, CO is only 17 miles from Denver International Airport?

Anonymous Coward
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United States
07/23/2012 02:55 PM
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Anybody else notice that Aurora, CO is only 17 miles from Denver International Airport?
Here me out for a minute on this 'theory'. So I just realized that Aurora CO is the closest residential area to the infamous Denver International Airport at less 17 miles.

I believe that DIA operates 24/7, but at the time of night when the shooting occured obviously it's not during peak operating hours and there were likely not many people, staff, etc there.

Also important to note the well documented conspiracies theories regarding DIA murals/decor, as well as speculation regarding a massive underground bunker complex/city for the elite underneath the DIA. Denver, CO is also home to Norad and the CIA headquarters.

What prompted me to post this though is that on another well know conspiracy forum that isn't allowed to be linked here, there is a thread posted there by a local Aurora resident talking about how there was unusual activity at Buckley airforce base the day of the shooting (located east of Aurora,south of DIA), not too mention many other things that don't seem to fit based on their personal experience living there.

So where I'm going with this....what if this shooting was in fact staged and was an intentional distraction to divert attention away from the DIA or some other government hotspot?

Would make perfect sense, especially if the elites are gearing up for a major event (i.e. war with Iran, London Olympics false flag, etc).

Just something to think about here.....