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Message Subject THE LION of JUDAH UNVEILED, and the KING OF KINGS by Apollo
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I found a treat here ! To understand Libra. which will come after Leo Virgo...

We should read up on Aries...

Procession of the Equinox, and The Lamb that tipped the Scales.. By Apollo Illuminaughty.

By Apollo:

Over three thousand five hundred years ago a Pharoah in Egypt had a startling dream. He saw a scale that held Egypt and the other side a lamb which tipped the scales. Frightened , he awoke and ordered all the Israelite babies to be killed. The Midwives Shiphrah and Puah disobeyed his orders and let the baby we know as Moses be hidden in a basket among the reeds where he would be discovered and saved by the Pharoahs daughter Bithiah.

Aries and Libra are on opposite ends of the chart in the zodiac. The Lamb is recognized as Aries since it was Aries and the star of the wounded ,named El Nath that was direct overhead at the crucifixion of Jesus.. The Hebrew name for Aries is Taleh, the lamb, and in Arabic, it is Al Hamal, the sheep. Older male sheep do grow curved horns, even though in the Western sense, we typically see Aries as the Mountain Ram. (Abrahams Ram sacrifice in place of Isaac)

Why the Pharoah was also so startled, was that Aries was also the sign of the Sun, having descended and risen from the lower hemisphere, rises high to rebirth for the Spring equinox. The Sun also being the Son of God, he was denying the prophecy that a Israelite baby will tip the scales of his nation.

During the procession of the Zodiac, Moses and Aaron, along with the Plagues of Jehovah,convinced Egypt to let the people go . It was a elderly Moses that pronounced the end of the Aeon of Taurus by forbidding the Golden Calf to be worshipped below Mt Sinai where he received the Ten Commandments, This Astrological teaching of the Bible was commemorated by the sculptor and painter Michealangelo who sculpted a statue of Moses with little horns coming out of his head.

Now it was the Aeon of Aries that was triumphant over the age of the Bull, so depicted in the Headresses and crescent horns of the Egyptians. LIbra had measured both nations and had chosen a people to announce her zodiacal procession each one taking about 2,000 years. It would be the birth of Jesus and his message to be fishers of men that would bring in the Age of Pisces, and the Biblical Zodiac story continues..

Continued in the dream of Pharoah is the Lamb of God that is every present amongst the prayers of Christians around the world today.. Little do they give thought, that in prayers of the Jewish people, Libra lies in the dates of September 24-October 23, and within this time It is Rosh Hoshanah celebrated and the Trumpets blown for the return of their Messiah whose rule in the scales of Justice. This contrasts opposite to the Gentle Lamb of the Christians giving the drama of the zodiac another ebb and flow in this Aeon of Aquarius, the ocean being the only physical thing dividing nations and cultures and faith under the Stars.


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