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Message Subject THE LION of JUDAH UNVEILED, and the KING OF KINGS by Apollo
Poster Handle HEYLEL
Post Content

Isn't anyone under Oath technically a shill like yourself? Even through you claim that you are not when it is painfully obvious that you are. You play one side and he plays the other, but your factions have united behind the scenes? Why else wouldn't Apollo counter these accusations you have made many times?

The Kingdom of God is As Above, So Below and As Within, So Without. Therefor, it is not just within us, it is everywhere where there is not man made bullshit.

We all need religion and especially spiritually retarded people need religion dictated to them bro. Tis an ancient fact. The problem I can clearly see is that all these alleged masters dress up every teaching in so may layers of ancient unneeded allegory that the retarded just become more retarded and their unveilings actually becoming another veil on to of the veil they had wished to unveil.

This is the Apocalypse where we ride transparent pale horse and step off the black horse.

Why play games when the game is won. The time is now that we can bring the light and restore truth.

Let those who ride the black horse keep riding dirty. :eyesonyou:

 Quoting: HEYLEL
the 4 horseman are symbolic of of the state of the brain in the kingdom...a white horse/calcified pineal gland only wants to judge others without seeing their own faults...the red and gray horse/clean pineal gland symbolize victory over what they represent and the black horse is the pineal gland once in darkness without the light...there's nothing i cannot decode in the "bible" as a metaphor of each person's battle with themselves and their kingdom of god within...boom boom boom boom,abomb down go your 4 horseman...by the way the tribe of Dan is also ab negative blood types that judge the others symbolism...
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
what ,no comment on the 4 houseman in your head/kingdom?
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg

T Ceti, The Tribe of Dan has been endlessly fascinating to me. As you know, their symbol is the serpent and the scales..

They are not sealed in Revelation cause its assumed. their pagan beliefs had them omitted.

Where are they today? Any guesses?

Yes, they went to France, Ireland, Scotland, Britain, Denmark etc. after the murder of Caesar. The druids bro.

Decimus Junius Brutus Albinus to Bae-DAN and the Picts. The Celtic Druid church.

My Kin and Tribal Research

To every cow belongs its calf," Colum Cille said:

0 God, wilt thou not drive off the fog, which envelopes our number,
The host which has deprived us of our livelihood,
The host which proceeds around the cams'!
He is a son of storm who betrays us.

My Druid,—he will not refuse me,—is the Son of God, and may he side with me;

How grandly he bears his course, the steed of Baedan" before the host;

Power by BaeDAN of the yellow hair will be borne from Ireland on him [the steed]

Sanctus Mauricius O'Baedan

Tech- baoithin was the original or uncorrupted form of the name Taugbboyne, and means ' the house of Baithen ;' and it is ... and his successor in the superintendence of the great ecclesiastical establishment of Iona in the Hebrides.

St. Buadan,89 (now pronounced Euan,) to whom was dedicated the church of Lothra (Lohra), near Loch-Derg-Derc, or Lough-Derg, and not near Loch-Eibh

u Baedan He was the third son of the Monarch, Muircheartach Mor Mac Earca, and became Monarch of Ireland jointly with his nephew, Eochaidh, in the year 566.

The Irish Annals record the death of Baedan MacCoirill, King of Ulster, and a naval expedition at the same year, 580 (An. Ult.; O'Conor)

Baodan, king of Ireland, lived in the 6th century. He ascended the throne about 665, was removed by Colman, son of Dermod, and, vanquished and pursued, he took refuge in a monastery governed by Columba, who afterwards became a Pictish disciple. But even here he was pursued and massacred. Columba, indignant at the violation of the sacred place, demanded vengeance, and raised a crusade which resulted in the death of Colman. The successor of Baodan was Hugh II, or Aodh, son of Immeric. See Hoefer, Nouv. Biog. Generale, s. v.

Baithen called Baitan Mor, who also was a contemporary of Columba

Baedan, of Cluain-tuaisceirt, died, 804. = SAINT BEDE

Beda Old

Baedan, son of Muircheartach, joint-king of Ireland, 555, 562, 563.

Baedan, son of N innidh, son of Fearghus Ceannf hoda, slain, 567.

Baeithin, abbot of Beannchair, died, 665.

Baeithin, abbot of Birra, died, 926.

Baeithin, St., son of Brenainn, abbot of IaCholuim-Cille, died, 595.

Baetan, bishop of Inis-Bo-finne, died, 711.

Bactan Mac-Ua-Cormaic, abbot of Cluain-micNois, died, 663.

Baetan, son of Cairell, king of Ulidia, died, 585
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