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Message Subject THE LION of JUDAH UNVEILED, and the KING OF KINGS by Apollo
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

correction, sword fight with pour lil penises aaa

 Quoting: HEYLEL

:laughing:Things never change...they get worse as it nears time for Daddy to POP back around!
 Quoting: Settle4It

LOL ! When Daddy'O comes back around, Im hiding..

I didnt do it ! I didnt seduce Eve !


NOW....NOW!!!...You know she had a THING for you!!!
 Quoting: Settle4It

From Death to LIFE

Don't mourn me in the degrees of my ascension

What was once dead will live again

What was once parted will reunite

What was once separated, will now see eye to eye

Cygnus the Swan finds love in the cross

In Praesape the manger we found what we lost

If brilliant Deneb represents the Sun

Then at the moment of death, I declare that we have won.

It leads us to the Nile and my waters of life

The Veil rent in twain and the sky split in two

Come with me, my love, where there is no pain

Within the Delta of darkness, the world we have gained

Death's door is my gateway where I find you

Our vows crossed over from death to life.

East to West, from sorrow to rest.

Free from worry, fear or strife.

The unspoken message of the cross has never parted me or you.

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