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Message Subject THE LION of JUDAH UNVEILED, and the KING OF KINGS by Apollo
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
:Woman Man:

The pentacle was once revered for the perfection with which the human form fits enigmatically into a five pointed star. Today it is a symbol that resurfaces time and again, but without the purity that was originally intended to be its message.

The ‘evolved’ and altered image is all that has survived human interference over the ages.

Humankind created under a supreme Creator’s perfect mathematical design code. So why has this symbol of perfection been so blatantly confused with evil? Why has a unique representation of this symbol become the object of desecration and Satanism, to be feared when it was once so pure?

Five sided pentacles inside circles, and similar renditions, were taboo in the Renaissance era. The holy books did not seem to mention it, so perhaps many deduced that it therefore had to be untrue. Could this human codex once have been part of the original texts of our holy books before the Renaissance era?

Knowledge that ties humanity with ancestors that came from another star system! Knowledge that would suddenly be incriminating to the church! This begs the question: Was it deliberately omitted? Or did they know about the validity of these teachings, but realising it was a threat to religion, decided it had to be relegated to a secret.

It would have been an almost impossible task to reincorporate this lost knowledge in the holy books at a later stage. The church of the time would no doubt have feared the loss of its credibility if critical changes were suddenly made to its holy books.

Da Vinci seems to have guarded this secret for this very reason. However, this did not detract from the likelihood that he believed the code was of untold significance to humankind and should not be forgotten. Hence he ingeniously encoded it into some of his paintings.

Perhaps this knowledge Da Vinci had, claimed we were the descendant lineage from visitors of human form who came from the stars, who possessed powers that would very quickly be relegated to witchcraft.

When in effect, what these beings that came from above possessed, was technology. Technology that was so advanced, it could be misconstrued as something evil by commoners… but certainly not by a genius such as Da Vinci.
 Quoting: Settle4It

Not many people are aware that there are two main types of pentagrams in the occult world, but with two very different meanings. Once you have the complete understanding of the Pentagram, you will be able decipher the key of the two worlds that is the illusion we live in.

The upright pentagram is the symbol used for good and is a type of an astrological magic charm.

:pentagarm christ:

In ancient Roman times and medieval Christain churches had the Pentagram painted or carved on their door to ward off evil spirits as well as the Babylonians and many others throughout the world. It is identical with the "Druid's-foot,"3 pentalpha, the fairy-cross, among the Pythagoreans (signum Pythagoricum), and Cabalists; in the cult of the Virgin. In the time of Pythagoras, a signet ring bearing the pentagram was allegedly worn by members of the Pythagoran brotherhood.

:pentagram signet:

The other is the inverted or upside down pentagram which is always used for evil and or nefarious purposes. The two points down is the sign of Satan which subjects the spirit to the governance of matter.

:Inverted Cross:
 Quoting: HEYLEL

Again...What if the geometry is part of a source of ‘forbidden’ knowledge that did not fit at all into religious teaching during the renaissance era?

Also...again...Why would this knowledge have been so shocking for its time? Perhaps it claimed evidence of the place of human origins… evidence of which does seem to exist?

Or does it? By gauging what has stumbled on in many areas research of the ancient civilisations. Does the secrecy surrounding this seems to be justifiable?

The Hidden Records reveal how this fingerprint of those who visited from another world, is encoded into the enigmatic monuments they built on Earth… and even on Mars (which was not always a red planet).

This would explain why the code had been covered up for centuries… until today!
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