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Message Subject THE LION of JUDAH UNVEILED, and the KING OF KINGS by Apollo
Poster Handle HEYLEL
Post Content
A few anomalies on humanity that do not fit the pattern of all life on this Earth...

Modern Human fossils (Homo Sapiens-Sapiens genus) are found in rare and mysterious circumstances predating the abundance of fossil records found globally from approximately 17000 years ago...

Modern humans suddenly appeared on all continents shortly after Neanderthal became extinct around 17000 years ago...

There is no genetic link between Neanderthal and Human genus, ‘The missing Link’...This is now absolute scientific Fact...

Humans have approximately a 30% less bone density and strength than any hominid that walked on this Earth, any ape or any creature. Only bird’s bones come close to the frail and light nature of human bone structure...

Humans have approximately 30% less muscle connectivity to our bones ( i.e. 30% less efficiency due to less mechanical advantage with poor muscle connection) than any hominid that walked on this Earth, any ape or any creature...
 Quoting: Settle4It

 Quoting: HEYLEL

... Your Dna is fallowing directly the vibration of the realm. Your Dna is the same as me or any other people on the frigin planet.

You may have a different blood type, yes! Dna does not deffine your level of counciousness! It is your counciousness that deffine your DNA. If you are so evolved as you claim. Then why the fuck did you even got in this" so called" primitive training ground.

?? Because there is something you need to learn! Humility!!
Your Ego is so off the hook it would make Duke nukem look like a pussy!

God gene as well as Dna and Blood type is a direct result of your Very soul sending DATA throught your pineal gland and telling your brain how to program shit around there!

The more attention you give to your Logic (knowledge and experiances) The more disconected you become from the real you! Logic is good. But not when it defines the boundries of your reality. peace.
 Quoting: monsterrun

I never said that DNA defines ones level of counsciousness.

Know thyself. I AM a Gnostic. DNA is where our intuition and past memories come from. My Ego is my spirit and please do not tell me what to do because I do just fine by listening to my inner self rather than people such as yourself.
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