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Message Subject THE LION of JUDAH UNVEILED, and the KING OF KINGS by Apollo
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Did you know that the pyramids are also Star Gates to allow the plasma energy of The Creation to interact with an Earth energy bathed in exotic elementary atomic particles...They vibrate at around 10 cycles per second...They literally resonate the soul out of the body...

The main chamber in the Great Pyramid...the so
called ‘Kings’ Chamber is the perfect chamber for the human to learn to astral travel...

The second chamber..the Queen’s Chamber has a dual function...First of all it is the chamber used to verify ones ability of travelling outside his body..by being required to identify and prove what is hidden behind the blocked ends of the shafts (these are the shafts that archaeologists have been trying to examine more recently with remote controlled cameras)...

Secondly...this chamber is used as an alignment target to other stars for the more advanced traveler...

The third subterranean chamber was once used for the storage of ‘holy’ water...This chamber has no star shafts... Because it is completely sealed it is highly effective in saturating water with the exotic elementary atomic particle based plasma energy of The Creation...The God particle...It is this energy that is used to help induce the soul out of the body...

With extensive preparation and years of practice the traveler will no doubt have very little trouble leaving the body...

All the traveler needs to focus on is entering the star gate...the appropriate pre planned star shaft...and like a bullet the astral body shoots towards the star system it has targeted...

While in the form of an astral body the traveler has only to think...to be able to propel and navigate...To return one has only to think of one’s human body...

NEVER try to enter the realm of the spirit world unless you have constructive life habits and strong faith in The Creation It takes absolute faith to be safe in the spirit realm!
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