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Message Subject THE LION of JUDAH UNVEILED, and the KING OF KINGS by Apollo
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
And the campfire should be the new tv, we'd all learn a lot more.peace.
 Quoting: Jade budda

You can yell that from the tops of the mountains until all that brings destruction is thrown into the lake of fire

 Quoting: gd2balive
hi marty i just got the lowdown from my ancestors DNA memories releasing out my crown chakra,we carry our ancestors DNA memories dormant which will affect our sub conscience affecting our conscience behaviors unless we break our 7 seals and release the intell consciously...this is why people say they remember past lifes because of the ancestor DNA rising within them to the 6th chakra...when you break the last seal/chakra it all goes flowing out and you know everything your ancestors knew plus what you know..i can see why if your ancestors worked in top secret programs,the later generations would not be told how to break their 7 seals...explains why my mom acts the way she does,we used to own slaves ,then was civil war snipers,then justices of the peace/judges with guns around 1900...no wonder she treated me like a slave,her animals and tried to treat the husbands in her life as slaves,when they did as free men she traded them in all the time...all of her chakras are sealed by the outside reading of the bible codebook(milk given in church cause the meat/deeper meaning is given in secret societies of breaking your 7 seals and becoming a jesus>Romans 8:14 and her 3th to the 4th generation DNA memories were affecting her behavior in this life...no one outside secret societies are told everyone will carry dormant DNA ancestor memories unless they break their 7 seals and activate it manually/consciously so it can flow instead of bottle up at the chakra points ..that's why i was given the god diet and manna to pass out to help others cursed to hold the 3rd to the 4th generation ancestor DNA memories/curses that block their crowns from being opened /put on...
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