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Message Subject When will Mitt Romney or Ron Paul go to TV to tell the TRUTH: that the Aurora massacre was a FALSE FLAG?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Think some of you kids might be new here.

Who the hell do you guys think is running this show?

Secondly ... it's because it AIN'T their damn job to do it, and no way in hell candidates like Robme who are under the PTB umbrella would do this anyway, gotta get real...

It's the same thing with people who say RP threw 911 truthers under the bus ... RP never did, it wasn't his job to come out and reveal everything about 911. Political suicide. He would have likely lost his current seat and would have been unable to effect changes elsewhere (as he's done successfully)...like the 'Audit the Fed' bill that just passed, for example. Probably never would have happened if he opened himself up to attacks over 911 truth years ago.

Lastly? Too many other issues to take care of. Take on another controversy, add another target to your back.
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