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Message Subject URGENT! The Dark Knight Massacre was staged! IT'S ALL CONNECTED! Olympic 2012 Zion False Flag WW3!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This will make 9/11 look like absolutely nothing this will be everything we've known is coming, but remember not to fear and to have faith, hope and love, because those on the side of God are going to win this war.

This will begin Chapter 13 of Revelation.

The Dragon = The Dark Knight who rises is Dragon bloodline Prince William, note the dragon symbolism all over the City of London.

The False Prophet = Either Obama or Bane who is Mormon Mitt Romney, the connection is the company BAIN Capital he founded.

These 2 make up the beast with 2 horns like a lamb, but which speaks like a dragon.

The Beast = The Pope and the Roman Empire World Government, which the Dragon and False Prophet will be fully selling us out to and getting the people to worship.

Remember The Jesuits attempted to take over Britain with the Gunpowder Plot also called the the Gunpowder Treason Plot or the Jesuit Treason.

They used Guy Fawkes to try and blow up the House of Lords.

This is a repeat of that Jesuit plot, but much much more fully planned out for total takeover and enslavement.

The Mark of the Beast is the chip which will fully connect you into the smart grid, complete control, you'll be unable to buy and sell without it.

Please read the scriptures from Revelation 13 onwards now with all that in mind.
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