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Message Subject URGENT! The Dark Knight Massacre was staged! IT'S ALL CONNECTED! Olympic 2012 Zion False Flag WW3!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You people don't get it?

The fall is nothing compared to the rise...

If I was Llucifer and fell on the earth I would rise up from this place. All the clues are there...So the Dark knight rises was a movie about a knight in a place full of evil,Gotham(how ironic is that...)Being defeat and put in an underground prisons by the bad guys,bane(Jesus, the guy who thinks he saved us from evil)He was conceveid from the darkness in a prison, like alfred said to bruce. Bruce is angry at Bane for what he did to his people and Gotham. He have to rise and comeback where he's from and save them all from the bad guys. Good movie but I don't like when there is occult things behind. (some duality crap in the movie too)

I don't understand why in most of the movie and music the hero and the singer is the good guys but if you go deeper you understand that he thinks he's lucifer.

I want to talk about the olympics too! I played to a game called "mass effect 3"about the end of the world and aliens invasion...The game begin in vancouver and finished in london(Olympics connection?)they recently did some downloading content with these two maps for online the rhord map is Rip and the next summer olympics is in Rio. In the final cutsene of the story mode we can actually see the bigben fall! Weird the big ben fall in the last cutscene and we have an olympics connection! Just like the illuminati card with the big ben. But i doubt that we will see some ufo and the big ben falling in near future. Did I mention that the game is full of illuminati and masonic quotes and symbol? You can actually see an upside down star(a wolf) on someone armor, and hear the bad guys say two or three time,that they are the order,the solution to our evil chaos.In the first book the story begin with a proof that we are not alone and the world ask for a one world government because they are afraid of them.

That's all for me...
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