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Message Subject Incubus/Succubus/Spirits/Ghosts/Demons
Poster Handle Its Real
Post Content
No Really like has anyone had any sexual stuff happen with ghosts? Because I have a Ghost In My House Who Enjoys Giving Me blow jobs. I am not crazy I can totally feel what is going on & one time the ghosts showed it self along with her ghost female friend. It is such a strange feeling, its like a tingling feeling that is almost electric feeling moving up and down my dick and such...anon

This story best describes it for me
[link to www.yourghoststories.com]

No one else with any experience with maybe a succubus, Incubus, or other horny ghostly things? I can't be the only one, maybe the only one willing to admit it I guess... :/

and I am not sharing my ghost, I have grown attached to her...Hugs & Kisses <3

I am dead serious about this too, not trolling or bullshitting what so ever... Anyone experience something like I have been talking about?

It does not just happen before i go to sleep. So it is not any of those

I do not know where they are attached too but something tells me they are attached to me... I always had a sixth sense and that is what it tells me... I wish I had powers of an medium so than I can know wtf is really going on here really.....

Every time the Ghost touches me it gives me this electrical charged feeling when it touches me,such a strange feeling never felt anything like it before....yoda
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