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Subject Prince William and the Luciferian pyramid of the Olympics
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Notice the pyramid being formed by the people. Notice the people taper towards the arch where the Sun is shining within and behind. What you are seeing is the ancient symbolism of the Sun caped pyramid just like the symbolism on the Federal Reserve note of the United States corporation. Notice how Prince William is within the Sun cap in line with the symbolic keystone of the arch. The arch is the feminine control the feminine side of the hermaphrodite planet Venus aka Lucifer aka Lightbringer. The center of the arch is the keystone which is the light of Lucifer. You are looking at the contract between the Moon of Isis and the Sun of Horus on the twin phallic generative force pillars. Lucifer is the God of the rainbow and what is a rainbow? An arch shape! Lucifer is also the Prince and power of the air. Then you see the blue and white of the team colors which are both symbolic colors of the Moon Goddess and blue is also the color of the majority.

FULL ARTICLE AND PICS; [link to theunhivedmind.com]
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