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US to station troops in POLAND for first time ever...

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 20613140
07/26/2012 09:27 PM
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US to station troops in POLAND for first time ever...
Russia won't be happy about that...

[link to www.spacewar.com]
US to station forces in Poland for first time

The Pentagon said Wednesday it plans to send a US air force detachment to Poland to support fighter jets and transport planes, marking the first time that US soldiers have been stationed there.

The announcement was made at the end of talks between US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and his Polish counterpart Tomasz Siemoniak.

The detachment "will arrive this fall to support quarterly F-16 and C-130 deployments beginning in 2013 and will be the first US forces stationed on Polish soil," Pentagon spokesman George Little said in a statement.