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Looking for assistance/knowledge in Fl Labor Laws

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User ID: 11341436
United States
07/27/2012 04:25 PM
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Looking for assistance/knowledge in Fl Labor Laws
A co-worker of mine has to change her availability in order to attend school - she notified the job months ago about this change...

Now as far as our store matrix is concerned - I am aware that we actually need slots filled with her new availability - We need to have a certain amount of "on-calls", part-timers, and full timers...

She has worked for the company for over a year...

Now... she is being asked to put her two weeks notice in - I believe it because another store is closing and they are trying to get two people who work for that store into our store...

Is it legal to ask her to quit? Especially for the described reason?

Any information would be greatly appreciated - this store does a lot of shady things and I feel this maybe one more thing to add to the list.