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CO Shooting Witness Story/Police Scanner

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07/27/2012 04:50 PM
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CO Shooting Witness Story/Police Scanner
Sorry if this has already been posted. I haven't seen it anywhere yet. It is old, from that night, but I thought some things in it were interesting.

Shooting at the AMC Century Cinema: map, local police scanner. Bomb was may have been confirmed. It certainly sounded like it. Apparently a bomb may have blown up a part of a theater at the Dark Knight Rises premiere. Although the news isn't corroborating this right now, it definitely sounded like it on the scanner. Actually, it was probably the tear gas canisters.

Theater 9 (epicenter), Theater 8 (some hit), Theater 16 (people heard tear gas canisters)


1:49: Car, Tennesee plates, Hyundai, license [redacted]. third to west, in front of doors. Possible bomb. Main
entrances of mall covered. Bomb squad moving in.

1:55: New evidence for shooters. That's plural. Theater 8, the shooter was seated. One more was outside, went into Theater 9. Coordinated attack. Two shooters. Open door discovered at mall. Suspicion of bomb in there.

1:56: One shooter at large, one in custody. From Facebook: Someone set off some little party poppers in our theatre, next thing I know someone runs in and said there was a shooting. We huddled down into the seats because people were outside the exit. I was fortunate enough to get home safely with my sister but a few friends are still stuck there.

1:57: Due to bombs, police relocating all units to S of Dillard's. Open door was in Macy's. Suspicions of bombs there.

2:01: Submitted to Reddit. Second device possibly found, setting up a "unified command"

2:06: Secondary explosive device found in front of theater

2:42: "Possible older cop car-type seen fleeing the scene"

2:58: Newscast from Gateway HS. Witness is talking. People heard explosions and gunfire. No idea what happened. One shooter had a gas mask and was throwing tear gas.

2:59: Scanners report knife pulled on someone. WAY far away from theater. May be unrelated.

3:01: Someone reporting hand pain outside the theater.

3:15: Press conference: Gas released, gunman opened fire. Only know of one gunman. Police officers respond, find the gunman outside of the theater, carrying gas mask, rifle, handgun. One additional weapon found inside. 50 were hit. 14 confirmed dead.

4:04: "No reason to believe there is a second gunman"

[link to www.reddit.com]
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