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Searching for Document, Video, Book...Find it here!

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07/28/2012 01:39 PM
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Searching for Document, Video, Book...Find it here!
I was looking for this youtube video and couldn't find it myself and hoped that there would be someone who could help me out...and then I realized there most likely are more people like me who once had found something but now are trying to find it again and just can't find it.

So the idea is simple; You post the description of what you are looking for and members who knows what you looking for helps you to find it!

Let's keep it within the context of the thread, so no "Do you know where I can find my ex-girlfriend/boyfriend" please!


I start...

Okey I am looking for this youtube video, it was about opening the seventh seal and Olympics, in the video it mentions also Solomon's key and I believe it was 4-5 part serie, thanks in advance!
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