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Message Subject Two opposing views about the coming alien arrival on August 12th
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Oh shit!

This thread is not intended to discuss if the aliens are "good" or "bad", or if they are "demons" or not.

First we need to know if they are REAL, of if they are just HOLOGRAMS created by the elites to fool everybody.

Is this "Project Bluebeam" for real?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20774454
totally. i have even dreamt about it since i was a child and then i saw they actually have the technology so i know it's real. they actually use holograms a lot now, imagine how high tech the holos must be for military use..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16007817

think back to the prior Olympic ceremony in which they utilized white sheets across the auditorium hanging from the ceiling upon which to depict whatever 3 dimensional images they wished... they did the same with the actual floor of same

it was absolutely ideal in effect, whereby when the ground began cracking up like it would in a massive earthquake the whole floor of the auditorium became just that...

and when they turned it into the ocean filled with whales all blowing water from their spouts as they swam across the stage/floor it was breathtakingly beautiful and as real as actually being at sea

surely some of you recall that technology being previewed at that time?

I was awestruck with it's beauty and realism, quite impressive

I believe part of the chemtrail agenda includes fashioning an alternative to the white sheets with the reflective particles of the aluminum together with the white itself of the chemtrail clouds they bring forth, into a similar type backdrop as they did with the white sheets, upon which to cast their virtual reality effects from specific projecting stations coming up from beneath the ground, which has become quite a thoroughfare under our feet, all things considered and in truth
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