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Message Subject August 4th - The Day 2012 Comes Alive - Real Insider Information Indicating First Contact
Poster Handle cosmicgypsy
Post Content
cosmic gypsy
can you give us a discription of this the planet? What did the sky, plants, landscape look like?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20841418

In the first experience, in Feb. of 2010, I was meditating and out of my body I went. I quickly traveled through a wormhole, and came to a stop in front of a portal opening. Through the portal I saw a visually pretty pale blue planet that was very, very close to its sun. At that point I understood that it was newly created, had never been inhabited, and was in pristine condition. Back in my body I came, quite amazed, although unsure what the experience was about.

About two months later, during sleeptime, I had an OOBE wherein I found myself standing on this planet, and there were four others with me. It was like it was barely dusk time, not fully light, but definitely not dark. I could see my surroundings, but I didn't see what the color of the sky was because of the dim nature of light.

I was standing in front of a building with a parking lot in front of it, and I walked out into the parking lot. It looked a lot like here. There were trees, bushes, and lush looking gardens at the edges of the parking lot. I was standing there looking at it thinking how much it looked like earth, but the colors were bolder. Even given the quality of lighting I could tell this.

At that point I realized that the air I was breathing was different from the air breathed here...it was thicker, and I pinched up my nose with noticing its difference. I was summoned back to the front of the building by the others there. This building was not like a most of normal building seen here...rather than box-like structure and architecture like most often found here it had sloping, trianglular like exterior walls. To call the building art deco-like would not be misdescribing it. Also, the material it was made from was not wood or concrete, or brick, or anything like here. It felt like sand. There was not a door on the building, either, just an open entrance.

We stepped into the building to investigate, but just found dark hallways, not finding what we were looking for, and then stepped back out. Back outside the mood was one of disappointment, and it felt like we had just missed whoever it was we were looking for, like we were moments late.

At that point I leaned up against the wall of the building like I needed support, like I was tiring...we all seemed to be tiring and physically stressing. Even though it was an OOBE and awkward to talk about physicality, I think the air was so different that it was "physically" taxing to be there. I then woke up in my bed, quite initially befuddled. It was a lot to take in. I never requested to have either experience, nor could I have ever expected they would happen.

As I lay there thinking about what I just experienced I had this instinctual type of understanding that the air there had been created from the water here, and that the sand here was what made the building/s there. I was amazed, and thought how clever it was, the perfect conservation of energy...nothing destroyed, just change of form.

What's been blowing my mind about this the past few days is something I read in that 1944 Deunov prophecy I think I linked to in an earlier post. In that prophecy he said that the new earth would be birthed from the Pacific Ocean of this planet.

Now, ahem, I don't know so much about that, it's hard for me to wrap my head around that...but I'll be damned if such doesn't match up with my first instinct about the air there being made from the water here, and sand here used as building material.

I'm just sitting here shaking my head about it, still so unsure how seeing that planet from afar the first time, and standing on it the second time, all in 2010, translates to this Deunov prophecy about it coming out of the Pacific Ocean. I just don't know what to make of it, much less how that could be done, nor that I neccesarily believe him.

So, like I mentioned before, my time there was brief. This is all I've got about it. I saw, I smelled, I touched, and I had instincts/knowings regarding it directly after returning.

Really, for all I saw, if it weren't for the air and building - and the obvious feel of being "on a mission" - I would've never guessed I was on a different planet, and that I was just at a place on this planet that was in a high end neighborhood that was well taken care of.
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