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Message Subject August 4th - The Day 2012 Comes Alive - Real Insider Information Indicating First Contact
Poster Handle Truthseeker
Post Content

I agree with you sentiments wholly, however I believe that the whole world is run by evil men who choose to war... For control of the masses.

The people of the earth DO NOT want war.. But am sure feels helpless because our weapons are not of this world. They have nukes, and terror mongering... We have hope and love. WE as a people NEED Devine assistance... As this earth is presently in the hands of a evil few.

I fully agree that WE, as humanity, leaving our race, language, creed aside need to unite as ONE people, who love our neighbors and care enough for others before ourselves.. That's when we change the atmosphere and this evil world.


This display, if it occurs, will not be from benevolent ET's.. be warned.. Any spiritually evolved race knows that they can teach us nothing if they clean up this planet for us.. We have to do this, they are there as guides only, once we take control of our planet and show that we understand unity, one humanity and get our act together and see the whole New World Order fear campaign for what it is, then they will come and help us with technology and wisdom, not before..

We have to wake up on our own, we have to unite as one people, on our own. We have to take care of each other and grow up spiritually on our own, before any advanced spiritually aware race will come here and help us..

What is so hard for human beings to understand about that?

What is so hard for human beings to understand about unity?

The NWO has already won, they planted the disinformation about a one world government to scare the people of earth. You are so afraid of this bogey man under the bed threatening to rule you that you miss the actuality of unity, true unity, not the scary fairytale of NWO ruled unity, but true unity of humanity, and because they have scared you so much the chances of you uniting your planet are almost zero. The one thing that will bring peace,harmony, wealth, health, prosperity, abundance and happiness to this planet, is the one thing they poisoned you against.. an excellent play by the NWO, check mate. They beat you and you walked right into it..

The only future that works for humanity is a united world, one humanity, the elimination of money, and the sharing of resources. Research the venus project and the frame work of how this could work.

It requires a growth spiritually of most on this planet, and most are not ready, most human beings are just not ready to let go of their ego and their fear of sharing, caring and giving, about 1% of humans truly understand unity and service to others, about 1% of humanity is ready to grow up.. its a sad state on this beautiful planet, and instead of rising up as one voice and moving this planet and its people into the next evolutionary stage of its journey, you are strangling it, holding it back, preventing growth, all from your irrational and illogical fear of a unified world.

Do not doubt that the NWO planned it this way.. they have poisoned you against the very thing that will save you... Stop living in fear of unity, stop living in fear of giving and sharing, stop living in fear of technology, stop living in fear of love...

Well thats not gonna happen anytime soon is it...
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