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Message Subject August 4th - The Day 2012 Comes Alive - Real Insider Information Indicating First Contact
Poster Handle EW
Post Content
Thankyou to those who responded positively to my post.

To those who mentioned that as we have been controlled by an evil few at the top, we are not responsible, I would say this..

Do you have solar power and independant of the power grid or are you still connected to it?..

Do you have a job or are you self sufficent?

Do you use plastic bags and do you use up non recycleable items..

Do you practice natural healing and health or are you part of the pharmecutical organisation..

Do you barter for your goods and services.

Do you offer your services for free to others?

Do you give your food or other items to those who need it..

If you answered no to any of the above, then yes, you are responsible, if you buy into the money system in anyway shape or form without replacing what you can, where you can, then yes you have allowed them to control you.. and yes it is up to you and I and all of us to reverse it and change direction, for the only direction this system is going to send us is in the direction of total enslavement or destruction...
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