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UFO's: LOL in the Mainstream Media

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Hong Kong
07/31/2012 12:19 AM
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UFO's: LOL in the Mainstream Media
UFO's: LOL in the Mainstream Media
This topic deserves more respect

It is worth asking, why the mainstreamers cannot approach the topic of UFO's with more respect. Their main approach, when they do not simply ignore the subject, is lay on the ridicule...

IMAGE ( [link to img32.imageshack.us] )

‘Chasing UFOs’: What Happened?

Mr. Fox is well known throughout the UFO circuit and is responsible for producing one of the best UFO documentaries out there. So when he joined the cast of ‘Chasing UFOs’ I figured that the show would at least have someone of caliber investigating these claims of UFOs and UFO abductions. That wasn’t the case. Like everyone else who stars in such shows, Mr. Fox fell victim to the overzealous and greedy execs out there who keep using the same cookie-cutter formula for their reality television shows.

In a recent FaceBook post, Mr. Fox told the UFO community what he really thought of the show:

James Fox
"I know how disappointed all of you are. I am too. It’s not the show that was sold to both myself and scientist Ben."

/more: [link to www.ghosttheory.com]

. . .

Where they do take it seriously, the Mainstreamers lay on the Fear:


IMAGE ( [link to www.monsterbashnews.com] )

In this chapter we will now turn our attention to the very real
threat posed by Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), whether they exist
or not. The well-documented and highly publicized War of the Worlds
radio drama by Orson Welles shows how even a perceived existence to
alien creatures can cause very real disaster-like conditions and
panic among a given populace. In addition, if the apparent visits by
alien beings and their space vehicles should pose any type of threat,
it will, as always, be the fire service that is called upon to
provide the first line of life-saving defense and disaster mitigation.

[link to www.ghosttheory.com]
User ID: 23486889
Hong Kong
09/11/2012 11:35 AM
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Re: UFO's: LOL in the Mainstream Media
Here's another way to embrace Ufology...

Through a Tribute band:

Memories of UFAUX - as posted on YouTube by Jerry Wills

[link to www.youtube.com]