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Message Subject 'Docs vs. Glocks' - the Florida case of First Amendment vs the Second Amendment
Poster Handle Dr Shroom
Post Content

Gun related deaths in the USA is over 11,000 a year, higher
than the rest of the developed world put together...if you
lost that many troops in Iraq the Army would get pulled!

How can a Doctor do his job when the law is against him?

 Quoting: Dr Shroom

Then why doesn't the law address knife ownership or blunt object ownership?

If a criminal is involved in a gun-related death, it's not the
doctor's responsibility; it's the responsibility of law enforcement
to then talk to the gang member or drug seller.

This law is just one more attempt of the government trying
to ease their nose under the tent of 2nd Amendment rights
of the US citizen.

 Quoting: Borat Sagdiyev

How many other laws written before the dawn of flight do you still live by? Guns back then where shit...rifling was imported to the states during the Civil war...the Colt repeater was not too effective a way to kill somebody even with their basic levels of healthcare...now a man can kill 15 people with one hand.
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