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Message Subject 'Docs vs. Glocks' - the Florida case of First Amendment vs the Second Amendment
Poster Handle Dr Shroom
Post Content
I am an ER nurse in the UK and I am so happy we don't allow guns in this country and if I was seeing tens of gunshot wounds every night I would call for the banning of guns...not to be a nanny but because I went into my job to help people stay healthy...

Gun related deaths in the USA is over 11,000 a year, higher than the rest of the developed world put together...if you lost that many troops in Iraq the Army would get pulled!

How can a Doctor do his job when the law is against him?
 Quoting: Dr Shroom

Do you have any idea how many would be killed if they tried to ban guns in this country?

So much for your "theory".
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20972399

Only parts of Africa and certified war zones have a higher death rate to guns than the US...I would say thats evidence of sound theory on my part.

You want to kill people, I can deal with that...I'm a nurse, I like keeping them alive...how I can get negative karma for that is a truly sad indictment of this board.
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