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Message Subject 'Docs vs. Glocks' - the Florida case of First Amendment vs the Second Amendment
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am an ER nurse in the UK and I am so happy we don't allow guns in this country and if I was seeing tens of gunshot wounds every night I would call for the banning of guns...not to be a nanny but because I went into my job to help people stay healthy...

Gun related deaths in the USA is over 11,000 a year, higher than the rest of the developed world put together...if you lost that many troops in Iraq the Army would get pulled!

How can a Doctor do his job when the law is against him?
 Quoting: Dr Shroom

Haaaa. ,, tens of thousands,, where did you get that statistic.. First of all you live In a horrible nation that has done nothing but destroy humanity and our ultimate destiny which is complete freedom following the laws of nature and natures God. Read " the decline and fall of the British empire" by Piers Brendon.Secondly , a good friend of mine spent 3 years in Bath while working for Motorola. His story's of the appalling state of " the queens" health care are evidence that has been submitted to Congress..Lastly,why on earth won't your goverment of German userpers(Saks, Coberg, Gotha), stop harassing the American people. Have you not learned yet that no matter how many viscious clandestine operations that are waged upon us, generation to generation, that WE WILL NEVER BOW TO THE CROWN. I'm sure your a great nurse and these comments are from a heart of love. Peace, William Wallace
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