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There once existed a most beautiful gem.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
07/31/2012 12:55 PM
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There once existed a most beautiful gem.
A jewel like no human has ever seen before. Every color flowed from within, reflecting and refracting images too awesome for any eye to behold. Now one day, unlike any other, this gem shattered. No one knows exactly how or why, but it did nevertheless. Shining shards flew in every direction. Some sunk to the deepest depths of the greatest oceans. Some settled in the highest reaches of the mightiest mountains.
For some time the lone fragments kept to themselves. Mystified and content with their own radiant beauty, they needed nothing but the company of their own kind. Until one day, the day of the Great Wind.
All was normal on Red Shard Peak. Every bird was chirping, every bud was flowering, but the electricity of change was in the air. Out of no where a Great Wind blew, knocking the most pristine of the Red Shards from his fitting. End over end the shard tumbled down. Battered and bruised, chipped and skewed, he came to a halt in the Valley Of The Blue Shards.
What was this place? Who were these Blue Shards? They surely couldn't be of my own kind for they are far too different. I must return home at once. Thought the Red Shard.
But alas there was no returning to the peak. The path that he fell from was too steep and he was too damaged from the fall. He was a simple stone in an azure world.
In time the Blue Shards took the fallen Red Shard in. Taught him their sacred songs and polished him up to an even greater state than he was before the day of the Great Wind. The Red Shard loved his new familiy, but it was time for him to make his way home. He was in tip top shape and ready for the hard road back to Red Shard Peak.
There was much sorrow on that day. No shard was left unchanged. Truly there was a divine transfiguration. An alchemical marriage of sorts. To this day the shards are neither Red nor Blue, but Violet. Wisdom incarnate.