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Message Subject Israel tells US time is running out for peaceful end to Iran nuclear dispute
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
israel talks a lot
but, in the end, if the us people decide not to back them
and it's leaning that way, too many waking up and sick of these mindless greedy fearmongering wars
as are many israelis
not all support the current warmongering govt there, either
they'll be on their own
wonder how big their bark will be when they realize that?
how many young people in the us will line up to serve if this happens?
young people don't want any more wars
they've seen war their entire lives
since they were born we've been at war
think about that
they are sick of it, it's why they flocked to obama (even though he LIED they were too young/not politically savvy enough yet to realize it)
and to ron paul
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