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Proof that Aliens will NOT intervene to stop an Atomic World War

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User ID: 21052331
08/02/2012 07:30 AM
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Proof that Aliens will NOT intervene to stop an Atomic World War
Of course it is all based on the assumption that Aliens exist and do observe our activities.

A few days ago I saw here in Germany a documentary about the Cuban missile crisis and how really, really close the world came to fight an Atomic war.

To make a long story short, Chrustshow decided in a last minute act to withdraw the missiles from Cuba. According to the documentary it was a matter of minutes before the missiles would fly. So the Politbureau decided out of sheer desperation to have the paper read on a public Moscow radio station in order to get the news out to the USA and the world asap.

Since at that time a fax machine did not exist, a driver was dispatched to deliver the paper to the news station.
All Moscow traffic lights along his route were set on green, so little time was left.
Once he left the car he ran into the news building and got into an elevator to get to the 4th floor where the station was located at.
You can guess what is coming next. The lift malfunctioned of course and the most important messenger the world had seen in modern history was stuck between the second and third floor.
(He finally managed to hand the paper out to some office boy who just made it in time running up the staircases to the news station.

So in my humble opinion, if Aliens would exist, they do not care too much to prevent an Atomic war, if you ask me.
With the world at the brink of nuclear disaster, would they not prevent a primitive lift to break down or at least help to get this lift started again, if this malfunction could mean an Atomic war?

The elevator incident may sound blown out of proportion, but the documentary tried to convene that the world had no idea that even Chrustshow himself believed that the war would break out any minute and the urgency of this letter to be read via the news station was overwhelming.

So where the Aliens? Why did it all depend in the end on a young boy to rush up a staircase?
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 19701215
08/02/2012 07:39 AM
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Re: Proof that Aliens will NOT intervene to stop an Atomic World War

"In a world where the lies become truth, the truth becomes the lie."

1. The Army developed technology that can transmit communications directly into a persons mind.
2. Defense contractors have developed satellites that can project holograms
3. Our black budget involves BIG alien looking ships in space (source: Gary Mckinnon)
4. HAARP can alter the
atmosphere and cause all kinds of crazy things to happen.