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DHS is at it again... to buy 20+ million/yr 357 SIG ammo

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 984249
08/02/2012 07:08 PM
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DHS is at it again... to buy 20+ million/yr 357 SIG ammo
This is from today...

This is a market survey to see who's going to be able to supply them with this kind of ammo. Limit date : September 3 2012. That means that the order will probably be made not long after that...

[link to www.fbo.gov (secure)]
14. Are you capable of producing up to twenty million rounds of .357 SIG caliber training ammunition per year? If yes, what percentage of your current production capacity for this caliber does this represent?

Also this :
[link to www.canadafreepress.com]
Homeland Security seeking assault and sniper rifles

The Department of Homeland Security issued a bid for 36 Colt LE901 rifle systems, which will accept and function any military specification (Mil-Spec) .223 caliber upper receiver, and is thus backwards compatible with all CBP/U.S. Border Patrol M4 upper receivers.

The 901 is much more than your typical assault rifle. DR continues further in the article, “the operator can change out the 5.56mm CQB-R and instantly go to a .308 rifle [CM901 7.62mm upper] for the counter sniper role, or any situation that requires a designated marksman.” Thus, allowing the DHS/FEMA foot soldier to go from an assault rifle to picking off “terrorists” at a distance by only changing the upper receiver.