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Third Russian-Chinese Veto Blocks the Road to World War III

Anonymous Coward
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08/02/2012 07:41 PM
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Third Russian-Chinese Veto Blocks the Road to World War III
Third Russian-Chinese Veto Blocks the Road to World War III

“They have shown only arrogance, not sincerity.” Chinese Ambassador Li Baodong, July 19, 2012, United Nations Security Council

Following the first Persian Gulf War, in 1990-1991, authorized by the United Nations Security Council with the adoption of Resolution 678, permitting “all necessary means” to be used against Iraq , the United Nations was often pejoratively referred to as “an annex of the United States Pentagon.” Following the series of terrorist attacks against United Nations facilities in subsequent years, Lakhdar Brahimi, United Nations Special Envoy and former Foreign Minister of Algeria explained this violent hostility against the United Nations in a press conference, stating that the United Nations was no longer regarded as impartial, but was now perceived, in many areas of global conflict, as a party to the conflict.

On July 19, 2012, for the first time in United Nations history, a third double veto was cast, by Russia and China, preventing the United Nations from becoming a party to the conflict in Syria, and restoring legitimacy to the United Nations as an independent and impartial international organization, no longer an instrument beholden to and dominated by one member state. Even more significantly, the third Russian-Chinese veto deprived the US-NATO forces of the possibility of claiming that their actions were supported by the international community, and denied any moral authority to subsequent US-NATO military action in Syria, and beyond, unmasking such military action as naked aggression.

On July 19, Chinese Ambassador Li Baodong stated, in explanation of vote

“We have vigorously pushed for consensus among Security Council members through consultations. However, draft resolution S/2012/538 submitted by the United Kingdom , the United States and France completely contradicts such aims…First, the draft resolution is seriously flawed, and its unbalanced content seeks to put pressure on only one party. Experience has shown that such a practise would not help resolve the Syrian issue, but would only derail the matter from the political track. It would not only further aggravate the turmoil, but also cause it to spread to other countries of the region…During consultations on today’s draft resolution, the sponsoring countries failed to show any political will or cooperativeness, adopting a rigid and arrogant approach to the reasonable basic concerns of other concerned countries and refusing to make revisions….China has been committed to reaching a consensus, worked hard for a smooth extension of the mandate of UNSMIS and supported Mr. Annan’s mediation efforts. In contrast, a few countries have been eager to interfere in the external affairs of other countries, to fuel the flames and sow discord in complete disregard of the possible consequences. This time they have repeated their old trick of setting preconditions as obstacles to the extension of UNSMIS’s mandate and have accompanied that with an invocation of Chapter VII of the Charter and the threat of sanctions, in an attempt to change or even repudiate the hard-won consensus reached by the action group during the Geneva meeting. They have shown only arrogance, not sincerity during the consultations.”

Russian Ambassador Vitali Churkin stated

“The Western members of the Security Council refused to exclude military intervention. Their calculations to use the Security Council of the United Nations to further their plans of imposing their own designs on sovereign states will not prevail. They have been pushing their own geopolitical intentions, which have nothing in common with the legitimate interests of the Syrian people. This has led to an escalation of the conflict, one that has reached tragic proportions….Their approach is especially ambiguous given what took place yesterday in Damascus . I am referring to the grave terrorist attack.”

On July 18, terrorists attempted a coup d’etat against the government of Syrian President Assad, massacring his Defense Minister, General Daoud Rajha, his Deputy and brother-in-law, Assef Shawkat, and General Hassan Turkmani, former Defense Minister. Several other senior government ministers were critically wounded as they attended a top-level meeting in Damascus. Though a Syrian Islamist group, Liwa al-Islam claimed responsibility for the attack on the “crisis control room in the capital of Damascus ,” with President Assad’s bodyguard himself detonating the explosive, a researcher at Columbia University , Younes Abouyoub stated: “This may be a larger intelligence operation involving foreign intelligence services. First of all the timing of this work, the fact that it targeted three major figures within the Syrian government, this shows these are professionals, not amateurs…this is not the act of one person or two, this is a very carefully planned and well-organized and implemented operation.” War correspondent Eric Margolis added that: “The operation was too well-prepared to be carried out by an amateur because such a gathering of high-profile officials would normally have the toughest security, making it impossible for a single suicide bomber to infiltrate…there may have been explosives hidden there before the meeting….the damage reported has far exceeded the damage that can be caused by one man carrying a suicide vest.”

Grossly irrational, and in violation of all logic, the United Kingdom, the United States and France claimed that the premeditated murders of Syrian President Assad’s top security ministers justified the adoption of resolution 2043, under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, which would have imposed sanctions against the Assad government, and opened the way to external military action against the Syrian government. The contortions required to arrive at this Orwellian distortion of reality also explain the Security Council’s shameful failure to issue any condemnation of these terrorist murders. Although the Syrian opposition is undeniably pervaded by armed terrorists, identified by no less an authority than United States Intelligence Chief, James Clapper, as Al-Qaeda operatives, this did not prevent the Western Powers, the UK, the US and France from embracing them, and opposing any Security Council statement condemning their terrorist activities. Though Russia had earlier advanced the specious argument that their government was not “married” to the government of Assad, this had no impact, since even had there been such a “marriage,” the option of divorce is available to those honourable and principled enough to terminate a shallow, rotting “marriage” which threatens to embroil others as “collateral damage.” However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, on incontestable grounds denounced the Security Council’s refusal to condemn the July 18 terrorist attacks in Damascus, and the West’s failure to divorce its marriage to terrorism, (which began during the Carter administration with the arming and funding of Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan). Lavrov stated: “This is direct endorsement of terrorism. This is a sinister position. I cannot find words to express our attitude toward that.”

According to The New York Times, July 24, 2012, “In February, the United States Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper told a Congressional hearing that there were “all the earmarks of an Al Qaeda-like attack” in a series of bombings against security and intelligence targets in Damascus . He and other intelligence community witnesses attributed that to the spread into Syria of the Iraqi branch of Al-Qaeda….Daniel Byman, a counterterrorism expert who is a professor at Georgetown University and a fellow at the Brookings Institution said it is clear that Al Qaeda is trying to become more active in Syria . As it has already done in Somalia and Mali , and before that in Chechnya and Yemen , the group is trying to turn a local conflict to its advantage. ‘There’s no question Al Qaeda wants to do that, and they are actually pretty good at this sort of thing,’ he said. ‘They’ve done well at taking a local conflict and taking it global.’”

Despite James Clapper’s February warning that “the series of bombings against government security and intelligence targets in Damascus bore all the earmarks of an Al-Qaeda-like attack,” on June 21, 2012, the front page of The New York Times stated, in an article bylined by Eric Schmitt:

“CIA said to aid in steering arms to Syrian rebels…A small number of CIA officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey , helping allies decide which Syrian opposition fighters across the border will receive arms to fight the Syrian government, according to American officials and Arab intelligence officers. The weapons, including automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, ammunition and some antitank weapons, are being funnelled mostly across the Turkish border, by way of a shadowy network of intermediaries including Syria ’s Muslim Brotherhood and paid for by Turkey , Saudi Arabia and Qatar , the officials said.”

The German foreign intelligence service, the BND disclosed that “around 90 terror attacks that can be attributed to organizations that are close to Al-Qaeda or jihadist groups were carried out in Syria between the end of December and the beginning of July.” “At least three major German newspapers – Die Welt, Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Bild have published reports attributing responsibility for the May 25 massacre in the Syrian town of Houla to anti-government rebel forces….writing in Bild, German war correspondent Jurgen Todenhofer accused the rebels of ‘deliberately killing civilians and then presenting them as victims of the government.’ He described this ‘massacre-marketing strategy’ as being among the most disgusting things that I have ever experienced in an armed conflict.’”

Following the Russian Veto on July 19, Russian Ambassador Vitali Churkin explicitly stated that one of the geopolitical goals of the relentless Western attempts to destroy the Syrian government of Assad is to weaken its ally, Iran . Ambassador Churkin stopped short of implying that the integrity of Russia , itself, is a target of what Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on March 12, at the Security Council, described as “geopolitical engineering.” And this geopolitical engineering is already far advanced. Including in Russia .

Although living standards of the Russian people improved substantially during Putin’s first terms as President, by the time of his re-election this year, an opposition led by Aleksei Navalny and Boris Nemtsov had formed, holding multiple demonstrations against both Putin’s party, United Russia, and against Putin, himself, as re-elected President, both before and after his election. And, of course, the aborted plans to assassinate Putin himself, arranged by Ukranian operatives, rank high on the list of terrorist actions targeting Russia .


[link to www.globalresearch.ca]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 21155854
United States
08/02/2012 07:44 PM
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Re: Third Russian-Chinese Veto Blocks the Road to World War III
more like a build up to wwiii. you must be a domesticated zombie suckling the society tit. wishful thinking won't work bitch.