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Message Subject Are we slaves that were created by 'lower gods' or Aliens from a different dimension?
Poster Handle SunnyDaze
Post Content
we do have free will ... we have always had a choice about what we participate in ... and we obviously have chosen to enslave ourselves in THIS system of in-equality - we CHOOSE to be SLAVES - to the Elite - of our own free will

no one makes you turn on your TV and increase the ratings of a program that distorts truth or encourages soft porn or violence - you do that of your own free will ... just like Bill O'Rielly takes money for reading lies to you ... and demands 30M a year to do it ... do you really think he has some special talent for reading ? or that he can demand that sort of salary because what he is reading is LIES - and what he is actually getting paid for is his talent to distort the facts and convince you that it is true .

Why is it that someone who has a college degree is paid ten times the amount of money to push a pencil across a page (his signature) when the person doing all the physical labor is paid barely enough to support himself, much less his family ... you support that system and work for these jerks - buy their products and perpetuate the this inequity

collectively we CHOOSE to live like this ... we could bring the entire prison down ... by just stepping away from it and not supporting it any more - because it can not exist without your support

one person at a time, who withdraws their support from the Hierarchies that run the system - makes it weaker ... if we all said NO MORE to the Bansters - they wouldn't have any more control over us ... WE PERPETUATE our enslavement of our own free will .

you can survive better, without a new car payments - so why do you enslave yourself to buy an new one - you can live better, if you don't eat GMO food - so why do you buy it, when you know it contributes to the death of thousands of farmers and consumers... you could wear the same clothes for twenty years, but you insist on supporting the sweat shops in China, so that you can be "in style" ... you can still worship your god, without belonging to and supporting an organized Religion, so why do you - you can grow your own medicine - so why don't you ? you don't have to vote for the lesser of two evils - but you pretend there are only two candidates running - and won't even consider the "good guy" who is trying to buck "the system" by running Independent of "party lines" and their ties to Corp America

You could curb your gas consumption by only going shopping one day a month ... but you make two and three trips to the same store a DAY - everyday and then complain about the price of gas ... you dive you car to work empty even though your path to work passes the homes where your fellow employees live - and you could pool your expenses and reduce toxic emissions and your expenses ... you pay extra for "name brands" when the only difference in the products without familiar labels is the packaging and you give a portion of what you earn to the Government so that they can protect you - even though you know that it is extortion and is used to genocide nations

You CHOOSE to live like this - no one forces you to go into debt for a house or a car, or a lifestyle you can't afford ... or to eat at Mc Donnald's or to shop at Walmart - YOU PERPETUATE AND SUPPORT THIS SYSTEM OF INEQUALITY OF YOUR OWN FREE WILL

if the prison doors were opened today - 85% of you would stay in your cell waiting to be fed Frankenfoods, poisoned water - breathing air laden with radium and metals before you would venture out into the world to fend for yourself (until they turned of the TV)... so don't complain about the system YOU support - because YOU CHOOSE TO SUPPORT IT - nothing prevents you from just walking away from it all - being honest and equal in dealing with your fellow man.
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