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Message Subject UFO over wright Patterson air force base today after thunderstorm
Poster Handle rkseverance
Post Content
I should also mention that on other instances that myself and our neighbors have seen these objects they behaved in a manner that seemed impossible. Sometimes disappearing in a brilliant blue flash that appeared to spread outwards in a perfect shphere, sometimes taking off from a stationary position in the sky at speeds that were unlike anything I have ever seen. I have lived with a clear view of WPAFB airfield in my back yard for 20 years (1st street in Fairborn, OH for those of you that must check google maps so you can see I am being literal) and served with the 101st. I can tell you that I have never seen any technology or craft like this until the past few months. I have a feeling you will be seeing many more stories like this in the near future.

And btw, OP though a couple sightings of mine and others I know have happened on clear nights a vast majority of the sightings take place during thunderstorms. My theory is thaat the flashes of lightning make perfect cover for the freakish blue glow and the flashing associated with these sightings.
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