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Message Subject UFO over wright Patterson air force base today after thunderstorm
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I used to live in Fairborn when I was a child less than 2 blocks from the base.
One night I was awakened by blue lights through the window, went into the living room to see what it was. My older brother was sleeping on the hide-a-bed couch and when I got into the living room I saw what I thought was Mr. Magoo in funny clothes standing next him as he was sleeping. It turned around and looked at me and I ran to my parent's bedroom to tell them that Mr. Magoo was in the living room. That is the last thing I remember.
About a year later Outer Limits was on TV where an Alien came through a TV like screen at a radio/TV station. I went into a panic and started screaming for my older siblings to turn it off, I was totally uncontrollable and scared to death. It took nearly 2 hours for me to calm down and return to normal. It was very unusual as I loved all SyFy shows and would never miss Twilight Zone. Nothing scared me like that before or since....
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