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Message Subject No Alien Intervention before The Rapture
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
God does not allow demons and spiritual beings to pose as aliens before the bride of christ is removed from earth. When the rapture happens then the veil is broken and satan is cast out of heaven and down to earth.

Close to the rapture we will have WWIII. It is possible that WWIII will start prior to the rapture. In my own personal rapture dream I saw a huge explosion fireball just before we went up.

This is all of course my personal opinions, I don't hear from God or something like that, but I do have strong dreams sometimes, and I read the prophecies and use some common logic.

Satan operates under rules set by God and he can't do anything without permission from God.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1390775

Stop right now little one, stop looking for the escape and start winning souls for God. The resurrection comes first, the dead shall rise first...........PERIOD!!!!!!! Its a pre-wrath rapture, we are not destined for His wrath, witch is clearly at the last trumpet. The word of God says that we are too endure to the end, are you prepared for persecution? The modern day Chritian wants to hear soft little words 2Tim.3:1-4. Please be quiet about the rapture, it makes you look like a child with poop in your panties.
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