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Message Subject I tried the 'raw food diet' to get healthy - Holy Crap!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
start smoking cigarettes and get some painkillers, you'll feel alright.

no. you could be flushing out toxins.

detox may take a while, and often doesn't feel very good while it's happening. but many swear by how you feel afterwards, including myself. toxins supposedly accumulate in places of injury and such.

id get yourself on some sort of comprehensive organic detox regimen. make sure active charcoal is a component, since that will work wonders in cleansing your body of heavy metals, crap like that.

also, drink distilled. water. only distilled water. nothing else.

try it. and exercise.

id give it a month before you give up... sometimes you cant rush these things.

might want to supplement yourself with some accupuncture, massage, or both.

good luck to you :)
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