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Message Subject I tried the 'raw food diet' to get healthy - Holy Crap!
Poster Handle SHR
Post Content
Yeah dude...know what I'd do?...Do a dozen seaweed enemas and only eat sprouts from a blender for a week...oh yeah and don't forget to wash all your vegetables with a paste made from hydrogen peroxide and bat shit...and chant a lot...ooooohhhmmmm...

Ever wonder why all these mighty vegatards around here have all these problems and drink colloidial silver, bleach and shove an orgone generator up their asses once a week and do all this other fucked up shit?...you're gonna find out if you do this stoopit crap.

Eat a frikkin NORMAL diet...Meats, vegs, fruits...everything and anything that isn't a box of Ring Dings all the time...and take a damn vitimin....every wonder why all these wood fairies around here are mostly femmy bags of cottage cheese that get sick all the time and most pro athletes could run through a wall?...it's because they eat EVERYTHING. Do some hard work and eat a steak...

Salad is not food, salad is what FOOD eats...
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