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Message Subject I tried the 'raw food diet' to get healthy - Holy Crap!
Poster Handle bannedfornoreason
Post Content
I'm also a blood type O.

I don't need eggs or dairy. The nuts and seeds are hard to digest if your adrenals are not working well, and your liver is backed up. Really this has only to do with the allergies. When your liver and adrenals are well, then you won't have allergies.

The only other thing about fats is that it takes time to adjust to a higher fat diet. Takes about a week or so but you can kick start it by fasting for a day on just water before you get into it. And eat with leafy greens and/or microsprouts. The body needs to adjust metabolically so it can start to utilize energy from the fats, instead of quick sources of carbs. Takes about 3-5 days to begin, shorter if you fast. And still to perfect it maybe a couple weeks if not 3-4 weeks.

People only need about 30-50g of protein a day, even for the most extreme athletes. I'm serious. And if you're getting them from raw, germinated seed then you know you're getting quality highly digestible protein in the form of free amino acids.
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