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Message Subject I tried the 'raw food diet' to get healthy - Holy Crap!
Poster Handle bannedfornoreason
Post Content
best raw food diet protocol IMO is Gabriel Cousen's Spiritual Nutrition program, aka Rainbow Greens Livefood Cuisine. You can search on google for it. Search "phase chart updated rainbow greens live food gabriel cousens".

You have to go through 3 phases. First phase is little overt carbs. Only small amounts of berries or grapefruit in a salad base or with greens. Lots of nuts and seeds or other sources of fat. Bean sprouts in moderation. All of the nuts and seeds should be soaked over night and eaten as is, or germinated for 1-2 days longer, or redried after that.

As for what to buy organic... well, there is a list of things that realy should be organic.

It's recommended to have 1-2 lbs of leafy greens a day to make sure you don't have too much fruit, or nuts/seeds. Sprouts are wholly recommended. Mung beans, adzuki beans, lentils (all sprouted) are done in moderation. But getting a good micro sprout/microgreen sprout mix, or some other sprout mix (non legume) is also really good, if not recommended. I would say the sprouts are essential.

You'll see that you might be better off not making recipes and just eating the stuff you have as is. All seeds, nuts, and legumes are to be germinated before being eaten.

So on this diet, you stay in each phase for at least 3 months, max 6 months. Then you move to the next level/phase. Last phase is phase 2 (after 1.5).

Trust me.. do not pay attention to people telling you that you can't do this because you need meat, etc.
 Quoting: bannedfornoreason

Eating 'healthy' should not be this complicated... And 'organic' food is usually expensive as shit!


Heh, it's not that complicated if you think about it.

I'm not even recommending any kind of fasts, or smoothies, or detoxes, flushes, colonic, enemas, etc.
Well enemas may help. But colonics are not necessary and in fact too much.
Its jsut, a 3 phase diet on basic foods. I'm not even recommending doing only fruits. I'm completely against doing only fruits... the ancients might have done this but we can't do it first without rebuilding our bodies, and ensuring that we have access to WILD fruits, not store bought fruits. Again, it's only for cleansing though, but this is the most intense kind of cleanse. It has to be Acid fruits though, not highly sweet fruits.

Really, it's just a low/moderate carb raw vegan diet. That's all it is. The carbs can cause problems. The nuts and seeds, the fats, the greens are ESSENTIAL for rebuilding. Then you can have more carbs.
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