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Message Subject I tried the 'raw food diet' to get healthy - Holy Crap!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
flush yourself out every day.

you need about an hour near your toilet to do this. As you get cleaner , say in a week , the time will be about 1/2 hour to do it.

its called an oral flush

drink all at once:

1 quart of warm reverse omosis water
that has 2 level teaspoons of celtic sea salt mixed in.

lay down on diferent sides and angles for a few min. at a time and the salt solution will works its way through.

in about 15 min. to 3/4 hour you will get the urge to use the toilet---as you clean out each day the time to feel the urge and go and frequency of your toilet visits will reduce

First time you may not get much or anything---by day 3-4 you will be on the toilet mimicing a garden hose .--about 4-5 times.

when you have this garden hose affect--you have illimanatted most of the crude
now you can start feeling much better after each flush
don't do this all the time.
use it to get over your cleansing crisis hump---about a week or 2.

if your cheating--eating ANY low qaulity food or acidic food---don't waste your time doing this.

the idea is to trigger your body to let go of toxins and acidity.
and the flush to get it out of there quick.

your body will not cleanse if you don't trigger it.

its the deep tissue cleansing from alkaline and fermented foods that is the real beniftial thing to shoot for.

get her done quick, and you won't lose resolve.

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