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Message Subject I tried the 'raw food diet' to get healthy - Holy Crap!
Poster Handle Anne O'Mally
Post Content
your wrong.

fermented foods are good at all times and situations.

keifer------cultured milk.
Nato-------get your protein from this and it is the only soya to have
Kimchi-----an asian fermented vegetable dish.
komba-----liquid fermented product
braggs ACV-fermented apples--mostly vinegar affect--is alkalizing.
sauer krout-fermented cabbage.
raw cultured vegetables.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1139115

UH, how am i wrong when i was agreeing with you? i never said they weren't good at any time or any situation. are you just looking for a fight because you are convinced no one else can know what you do?

i just simplify. if i could be a full time foodie maybe making all that myself would be feasible but i always recommend the braggs, nutritional yeast and ACV, which you failed to specify as needing to be UNpastuerised.
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