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Message Subject I tried the 'raw food diet' to get healthy - Holy Crap!
Poster Handle Anne O'Mally
Post Content
I developed adrenal fatigue after being raw, caffeine may have been the culprit (large amounts of raw cacao), but I think stress and too much sugar did it too (agave and fruit). I can barely eat fruit anymore, I just don't like it very much at all. veggies and greens are cool but I like cooked stuff too. For me, it seems like a lot of work to eat raw. Sure, you can eat salads and nuts but these are very cold foods. how can one maintain a balance of cold and warm foods eating raw? too many "cold" foods will shout down the spleen. cold/warm foods is a reference to chinese and ayurvedic diets (just in case you didn't know, but I'm sure you did:)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21328206

THIS!!!! i find that very few people have any idea of the importance of chinese medicine, how foods effect internal environment.

good book (my bible, if you will, i find gabriel cousens to be a bit tedious and he doesn't address internal issues):

healing with whole foods, paul pitchford.

[link to www.healingwithwholefoods.com]
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