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Message Subject I tried the 'raw food diet' to get healthy - Holy Crap!
Poster Handle bannedfornoreason
Post Content
I know I've been with those thoughts for a while .

IMHO, I think sprouts cure any of the cold/damp issues from the TCM perspective.

Also, the fact that there are so many goitrogens in popular (common) greens. Combine that with high oxolate greens. High copper present in mature greens also. There's where the confusion of veggies being "cold" in property. Aside from physical temperature. The cold temperature can be worked around by simply soaking your greens in lukewarm water as you wash them, with vinegar or H2o2.

Also, omega 3s are essential for keeping warm. I'm serious about this. Omega 3s and iodine.

Seaweed, high zinc foods, sprouts, omega 3s, and fermented foods. These are the essentials to counteracting any cold/damp issues with the raw vegan diet.

Also don't have too much fruit of course. That's why I recommend the Gabriel Cousens' Spiritual Nutrition 3 phase diet.
 Quoting: bannedfornoreason

I'm serious about the above. All of what I just wrote above addresses cold/damp issues in the raw vegan diet. Also don't deplete your yin with caffeine. If you need caffeine, raw yerba mate, guayusa and cacao is best but still it's extremely hard to find truly raw, and it still needs to be limited....
 Quoting: bannedfornoreason

I need to correct myself. It's not merely sprouts that adress the cold damp issues. But all the factors I adressed above. It's just that, microgreens and baby greens from greened sprouts are superior to mature greens.
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